Meaningful data and individual analysis

E PWR Reporting

With the E PWR Amazon Reporting there are no limits for Amazon traders: at any time you keep the full overview of all Amazon Advertising campaigns and their development. Top, potential or flopping products as well as growth opportunities can be easily identified. You can see current and historical performance values in direct comparison and compile individual reports quickly and easily. And that for all Amazon Advertising formats!

Efficient: Budget Usage

E PWR remembers the set daily budget per campaign on a daily basis. If you now compare it with the actual costs of a campaign, you get the effective utilization rate of the available budget. The report can be viewed for all campaigns. A large number of filters enables a fine-grained display for individual evaluations.

In addition, E PWR shows for each campaign if and when this out-of-budget happend. A special report shows at a glance which campaigns, for example, stop early in the morning or those that usually have enough budget.

E PWR provides a comprehensive view of the efficiency of the budgets. Possible optimization potentials can be quickly identified. With special budget features, E PWR also allows automatic monitoring and optimization of the set budgets.

E PWR Budget Exhaustion Report
Amazon MWS verbinden

Organic: Connect MWS

By connecting Amazon MWS, sellers get full access to the Seller Central account. Offers, orders, payments, reports and more can also be managed in E PWR. To use Amazon MWS, you must have a professional seller account authorized for Amazon MWS.

Standard Reports

E PWR standard reports provide an overview of the most important KPIs.

Custom Reports

Build completely individual reports. All KPIs are at your disposal.

Attribution Models

E PWR supports 1, 7, 14 and 30 days click attribution (incl. halo effect).

External Data

Use external sources (e.g. keywords) to enrich the data.

Subscribe Reports

E PWR sends reports fully automatically to any e-mail recipient.

Export Data

All reports in E PWR can be downloaded as PDF and for Excel.

Life Time Data

E PWR stores all data in its own DWH as of account linking.

Share Reports

Reports can be shared with customers via a live link.


E PWR uses Microsoft Power BI as the basis for all reports.