Perfect for Amazon Advertising

The all-in-one tool for more success with Amazon PPC

  • Fully automated all-in-one solution
    Optimisation of all Amazon Advertising formats / Fully automated Campaign Creator / Advanced Bidding
  • +11 years of AdTech know-how
    Artificial Intelligence & Automation Solutions / Deep Learning Algorithms Prediction & Forecasting
  • Amazon Tool Test: No.1 for agencies
    E PWR is excellent: „Ideal for agencies“ / „Unique“ / „Unrivaled so far“

Why using E PWR?

Advertise products quickly and easily in product search engines and marketplaces such as Amazon with the E PWR technology for agencies, vendors and sellers. All campaigns are analysed, optimised and fully automated in one intuitive tool – cost-efficient and time-saving.

For visibly more success in e-commerce marketing!

For Agencies: All-In-One Software No.1

„intelliAd E PWR offers the best all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. The intelligent tool enables us to easily control and optimise a large number of PPC campaigns and optimise them – always with full cost control. The results are more visibility and sales for our clients.“

Tim Schmid, Managing Director Partner at explido GmbH & Co. KG

For Agencies: AI-based Portfolio Bidding

„intelliAd’s years of bid management expertise are also paying off in e-commerce. Thanks to fully automated Amazon campaign bidding, we save time and increase our customers’ revenue.“

Jana Fiaccola, Managing Partner at QUISMA GmbH

For Agencies: Best Amazon PPC Tool on the market

“E PWR is currently the best Amazon PPC tool on the market for us. It covers our demanding needs: comprehensive, transparent reporting – for both seller and vendor accounts – as well as (fully) automated, high performance bid management for all Amazon ad formats.”

Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director at ad agents GmbH

For Sellers & Vendors: Success on Amazon with Automation

“With the new Amazon Solutions from intelliAd E PWR we have managed to massively reduce our workload. In the past we had to invest an enormous amount of time and people to survey our KPIs. They are now generated in just a few clicks.”

Christopher David Sindt, Online Marketing Manager at G-Data Software AG

E PWR: The No.1 for over 1000 campaigns, 100 e-commerce retailers & Germany’s leading performance agencies