Smart bid management for all ad formats

E PWR Bid Management

With E PWR you can optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns fully automated and make your Amazon advertising more efficient. Thanks to Machine Learning automation you have less work to do and generate more sales and visibility on Amazon. Our portfolio-based bidding ensures that you can fully utilize your budget and potential.

Smart: Predictive Bidding

Once the data for more than 30 days is available, our algorithm starts calculating automatic forecasts and predicitions for the expected values for conversions, sales and ACoS. Active bidding strategies use the predicted values to best achieve the strategy’s target values. E PWR thus addresses the problems of downstream conversions and different attribution windows.

E PWR Predictive Bidding

Flexible Targets

E PWR optimizes campaigns on clicks, CTR, conversions and ACoS.

Budget Shift

We recognize high-performance campaigns and adjust budgets accordingly.

Full Control

The E PWR bid management can work semi or fully automatically.

SP, SB & SD Bidding

E PWR can optimize Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display.


E PWR bidding strategies can also be used to control auto campaigns.

Keywords & Targets

Strategies work for keyword and product attribute targeting.

Modifier Bidding

Maximum values can also be defined for bid adjustments for placements.

Ad Scheduling

Weekdays and times can be defined flexibly for campaigns.


All adjustments can be checked in the change log.