Advertisting on Amazon has never been so easy

E PWR Features

Years of experience, the strategic partnership with Amazon and a close exchange with leading german performance marketing agencies are the basis for the development of the E PWR technology. E PWR supports all Amazon ad formats and is well suited for sellers, vendors and agencies. A variety of smart and convenient features help advertisers to promote their products.

Flexible: Ad scheduling

Our new, flexible ad scheduler for campaigns makes it possible to activate or deactivate these on any day of the week and at any time. The days of the week can be chosen indivudally. Even several periods per day are possible. And should time periods overlap accidentally, E PWR warns you automatically.

E PWR Budget Exhaustion Report

Efficient: Budget Usage

E PWR remembers the set daily budget per campaign on a daily basis. If you compare the actual costs with the available budget, the effective utilization rate is calculated. The report can be used across all campaigns. A variety of filters allows a granular presentation for individual evaluations.

In addition, E PWR shows for each campaign if and when this out-of-budget happend. A special report shows at a glance which campaigns, for example, stop early in the morning or those that usually have enough budget.

E PWR provides a comprehensive view of the efficiency of the budgets. Possible optimization potentials can be quickly identified. With special budget features, E PWR also allows automatic monitoring and optimization of the set budgets.

Smart: Predictive Bidding

Once the data is available for more than 30 days, our algorithm begins to calculate automatic forecasts for the expected values ​​for conversions, revenue, and ACoS. Active bid strategies use the predicted values ​​to best meet the target values ​​of the strategy. E PWR counters the problems of downstream conversions and different attribution windows.

E PWR Predictive Bidding
Campaign Wizard

Individual: Campaign Wizard

With the E PWR Campaign Wizard you can create campaigns for as many products as you want with just a few clicks. Individual split criterias (e.g., ASIN, match types) are available to structure the campaigns and ad groups. Campaign settings can be set individually or in bulk.