Flexible structures and automated creation

E PWR Campaign Management

The automated administration of campaigns simplifies the workload for Amazon dealers a lot. Particularly rewarding keywords are automatically given greater consideration, while keywords with lower performance are paused directly. With the E PWR campaign management you can automatically create campaigns for all products according to individual criteria.

Individuell: Campaign Wizard

With the E PWR campaign wizard you can create campaigns for any number of products with just a few clicks. Individual split criterias (e.g. ASIN, match types) are available to structure the campaigns and ad groups. Campaign settings can be set individually or in bulk.

Campaign Wizard

Campaign Wizard

Create campaigns for hundreds of products with just a few clicks.

Keyword Shift

Keywords are automatically moved from auto to manual campaigns.


Labels help to divide keywords and campaigns into groups.

AI Auto-Labeling

E PWR automatically labels keywords based on your specifications.

Custom Grouping

Products can thus be divided into additional, individual groups.

Keyword Lists

Each product receives positive and negative keywords directly.


Save and reuse complex campaign structures at any time.

Product Upload

Upload products with additional information directly.

Ext. keyword sources

Additional keywords are found via external sources (e.g. Sistrix).