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We’re caring for sharing: Simple AMS Report Sharing

The new AMS report sharing function in intelliAd E PWR will reduce your daily work even more – with immediate effect! Share your standard and customised reports quickly and easily with colleagues or customers. You can conveniently share your selected report via email using an URL link so that the recipient can view it without having to log in. Once shared, the current data can be viewed at any time by clicking on the link. This is what makes sharing fun!

Power Boost – this is new:

  • Simple Report Sharing
  • Straightforward report release via URL link
  • Always up to date: share the link once – current live data can then be viewed at any time


E PWR Reporting – these are your benefits:
You will always be able to maintain full visibility of all your campaigns with E PWR Reporting. See current and historic performance values in direct comparison and create individual reports quickly and easily. Have this sent to you automatically with just once click. Combine all dimensions of KPIs easily and flexibly such as ACoS, CTR, CR or shopping basket value. You will receive valuable insights as to which of your products are performing successfully – and can allocate your marketing budget accordingly.

Any questions regarding E PWR or need more convincing by testing the product? Please do not hesitate to contact us.