Advertising on Google has never been so easy!

Google Shopping

E PWR for Google Shopping

The powerful E PWR technology increases all e-commerce revenue – with specially developed tools for the product search engine Google Shopping. With clearly laid out dashboards you always remain firmly in control and at the same time maintain full transparency over the performance of all campaigns. The extremely potent E PWR tools also make campaign management easier for you with automatic solutions. The highly efficient machine learning algorithm makes the most efficient bid for Google Shopping bidding – for every product from the data feed.

Google Shopping Reporting

Google Shopping

Maintain a full overview at all times over all of your campaigns. View current and historic performance values in direct comparison. Obtain reports at the campaign and product level quickly and easily – accross all dimensions and in direct chronological comparison. Learn which products are performing most successfully and use the valuable insights to adjust your budget. For more power on Google Shopping!

  • Comprehensive reporting at the campaign and product level
  • Reporting at the category level
  • Price comparison with competitors
Google Shopping Kampagnen Management

Google Shopping
Campaign Management

The basis for maximum success on Google Shopping is a good campaign structure. E PWR offers optimal solutions which save lots of time with campaign management – especially for merchants with a continually changing number of products. New products therefore do not have to be manually entered into the Merchant Center and organised according to category in order to be run in product campaigns via Google Shopping. The innovative solution sorts the products, automates the specific product groups and saves time and resources every day.

  • Huge time savings with dynamic shop structures through the Google Shopping auto split. New products and categories are added automatically
  • Automatic creation of campaign structure with the use of individual templates
Google Shopping Bid Management

Google Shopping
Bid Management

Maximum power and full flexibility with E PWR bidding for Google Shopping: we have been using intelligent algorithms for over 10 years which evaluate and analyse huge volumes of data. With the result that only the most efficient Google Shopping bids are placed – for every individual product in the data feed. Data-driven, fully or partially automated and highly efficient!

  • Highly efficient bidding for Google Shopping campaigns
  • Appropriate for every campaign structure
  • Machine-learning based portfolio strategy for products with small amounts of data
  • Fully and partially automated configuration options
Google Shopping Datenfeed Management

Google Shopping
Data Feed Management

Manage products smartly and simply: with the Data Feed Management product, the respective product feed is automatically adapted to the requirements of various e-commerce platforms or price search engines. The product advertisements can be synchronised with the product offering several times each day. Merchants can save themselves lots of time through this process and have much better control.

  • Structure and analyse complex product data quickly and easily and optimise data for various shopping and marketing channels
  • Time savings through automatic imports, exports and ROI management features as well as mass data processing with intuitive drag and drop functions
  • Improvement of product data feed quality
  • A central platform for the merger of all online feeds and several import feeds to a standardised master feed
  • Individual analysis of the data down to the product level
  • Preview of data changes in real time
Google Shopping Produktlisten Management

Product List Management

The absolute time saving for Google: With the powerful product listing technology, complete campaigns are created from the data feed with ad groups, ad texts and keywords.

These are synchronised daily with the data feed. If an advertised product is no longer available in the product list, the respective ad group will be paused. Price changes are also recognised by the product list and the ad texts are amended accordingly. This approach leads to significant improvement in the Bid Management.

  • Significant time savings through automatic campaign creation based on product lists
  • Automatic and ad-hoc updates of prices and ad texts
  • Ads for sold-out products are paused automatically
  • Updates occur daily – several times per day if requested by the customer
  • Especially suitable for all e-commerce shops with large ranges and promotional goods
Mark Thies Sport-Tiedje

Efficient Management of our E-Commerce Channel

“intelliAd has made efficient management of our e-commerce channel possible. With the help of the Product Listing Tool we save a huge amount of time each day when creating SEA campaigns.”

Mark Thies, Team Leader Online-Marketing, Sport-Tiedje GmbH