Advertising on Amazon has never been so easy!

Amazon PPC

E PWR for Amazon

Years of experience, the strategic partnership with Amazon and the close exchange with leading performance agencies in Germany are the basis for the development of the powerful E PWR technology. E PWR is the No.1 tool for more visibility and sales on Amazon – for all Amazon Advertising formats, for sellers, vendors and agencies. E PWR is the only Amazon PPC tool that optimises campaigns  fully automatically for all Amazon Advertising formats. Other smart features such as a fully automated Campaign Creator for intelligent campaign management ensure absolute transparency and increase clicks, traffic and sales significantly.

The No. 1 convinces in the Amazon Tool Test!

„Ideal for Agencies“ / „Unique“ / „Unrivaled so far“

Agencies: more time & success

  • Manage campaigns easily: Fully automated, intelligent Campaign Creator
  • Keep track of all customer accounts (sellers & vendors) with MCC technology
  • Create reports easily: Customised, automated mailing, live data sharing via URL link
  • Strategic planning: Forecasting & Prediction Reports
  • Save time and costs with automation: powerful all-in-one solution


Sellers & Vendors: Optimise an unlimited number of campaigns

  • Get more visibility: More traffic and revenue on Amazon & Co
  • Optimise fully automated campaigns for all Amazon Advertising formats : Identify top keywords
  • Get transparency: Full control of all costs and documented bid history
  • Efficient bidding: Powerful bid management developed especially for Amazon
  • Identify optimisation potential: Extensive Reporting, Forecasting & Prediction functions
amazon Reporting

Amazon Reporting

With E PWR Amazon Reporting, there are no limits for merchants: Keep abreast of all campaigns and their development at all times. With E PWR top, potential or flop products, as well as growth opportunities are simple to identify. You can see current and historical performance values in direct comparison and assemble individual reports quickly and easily. For all Amazon Advertising formats!

  • Report Sharing: Permanent access to live data once the URL link is shared
  • Management dashboard containing all performance data
  • Multidimensional Campaign Analysis – on account, campaign, product /ASIN or assortment  level
  • Budget Forecasting and Predictive Data Analysis
  • Identification of high potential and low performing keywords
  • Campaign development at day, week and month level
  • External data sources to enrich the basic data
  • Amazon Placement Reports on Campaign Placement on Amazon
amazon Bid Management

Amazon Bid Management

AI-based Amazon Automation: Optimise your PPC campaigns fully automatically, improve your keyword ranking and make your Amazon advertising even more efficient with E PWR. Less work thanks to machine learning automation and more revenue, efficiency and visibility on Amazon.

World’s first portfolio-based bidding: Get the most out of your budget and potential with the world’s first portfolio-based bidding. E PWR offers a Bid Management Tool developed especially for the Amazon Advertising formats – for each individual item of your product data feed.

Strong AdTech & Algorithms: More than 11 years of AdTech know-how and power coding are the basis for efficient, automated bidding. We are the No.1 for AI-based deep learning algorithms that evaluate and analyse large amounts of data – as a result only the most efficient bids are placed on search engines.

Full control despite autopilot: We provide the power boost in the autopilot – have full control thanks to individual bid strategies, full cost transparency and a comprehensible bid history.

  • AI-based portfolio bidding
  • Bid scheduling
  • More visibility through optimal budgeting
  • Maximise Amazon sales with the best cost efficiency
  • Save time through fully or semi-automated bid management – for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands
  • Predictive Bidding: Bidding based on historical data and predictive analysis
  • Automated bid management that takes into account pre-defined strategic objectives such as ACoS optimisation as well as click or profit maximisation
  • Full transparency on bid regulation or bid history
  • Automatic bidding and exclusion of top or flop keywords
  • Portfolio-based strategy approach with high data quality
amazon Campaign Management

Amazon Campaign Management

Automated campaign management simplifies the workload of Amazon Merchants significantly. Highly rewarding keywords are automatically taken into account, and keywords with particularly low performance values are paused directly. Create automated campaigns for every single one of your products with the smart E PWR Campaign Management Tool. Manage different campaign types, get insights about non-successful activities, quickly and effortlessly edit large campaign sets and run keyword sets exactly to your individual performance. Always with the goal to further increase visibility on Amazon.

  • Fully automated Campaign Creator
  • Automated and complete promotion of the product portfolio
  • Identification of high-potential keywords and growth-oriented management
  • Exclusion of low performing keywords based on predefined rules
  • Extensive alerting system

E PWR finally provides us with transparency and comparability

„intelliAd E PWR serves the most relevant product search engines in e-commerce marketing. We benefit from a smart all-in-one solution that finally provides us with the necessary transparency and comparability.”

Florian Tremmel, Managing Director of Shoe-com GmbH (Jaimie Jacobs)