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RELEASE NOTES: New Amazon Bid Management Strategies

The No. 1 Amazon PPC Tool

How to be an Amazon Bid Management Performance Master: More clicks, better ACoS

Want to optimise your ACoS? Want more clicks on Amazon? With E PWR you will become a master Amazon strategist. Even better strategies are now available to you in E PWR for Amazon Bid Management so that you can reach your individual goals quickly and easily – for example with click maximisation or ACoS optimisation.

Power Boost – this is new:

  • Automatic Bid Management incorporating predefined strategic objectives such as click and ACoS optimisation
  • Full transparency regarding the bidding regulation due to bidding history
  • Bidding automation incorporating historic data and predictive analysis

E PWR Amazon Bid Management – your benefits:

You will achieve the ultimate performance boost through full automation with the E PWR Bid Management Tool (also with partial automation if required)! With automated optimisation you will achieve significantly more revenue, efficiency and visibility – but will of course remain the performance master maintaining full cost control.

There is power behind E PWR: E PWR is based on intelliAd’s many years of experience in bidding automation. For over 10 years, we have been using intelligent algorithms which process and analyse huge data volumes to ensure that only the most efficient bids are placed in search engines. With E PWR you have a powerful fully automatic Bid Management tool for Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads at hand – one for every one of your specific articles in the product data feed.

You are and will remain the performance master: You will continue to have full transparency over bidding regulation and the bidding history, can establish strategic objectives beforehand such as click and ACoS optimisation and can squeeze the most out of your budget. Put your power into E PWR. This means the following for you: huge time savings, more visibility and revenue on Amazon!

Any questions regarding E PWR or need more convincing by testing the product? Please do not hesitate to contact us.